ToolVizion Measuring tapes, Measuring is knowledge !

ToolVizion has an over 20 years specialism in the production and deliveries of CE-approved compact measuring tapes. From a basic easy-use 2m measuring tape to an advanced 8m industrial measuring tape with an extra wide end-hook and double sided blade graduation. All can be find in the extended ToolVizion measuring tape collection. Besides this measuring tape assortment, Toolvizion supplies related measuring tools like : Long steel & fiberglass measuring tapes, wooden & ABS folding rules, precision calipers, try squares and measuring wheels. All measuring tapes are CE approved according European class II accuracy for which ToolVizion has its own MID** EU-Type Examination certification and comply with the actual European material standards. Toolvizion is also a specialist for private branding and has long time experience in making deliveries to well known and established European companies and brands. 

* Milimeter precision measuring according Accuracy Class II 
   as in art. 17 of Directive 2014/32/EU (CE/MID**)
* Quality steel blades for clear and optimum reading
* Single or double sided blade graduation 
* Yellow, white or neon-green colored blades 
* Added nylon coating for optimum durability 
* Regular or Auto-lock blade returning systems
* High performance spring retraction 
* Long blade stand-outs
* Cushioned blade return
* Hi-impact (bi-material) cases 
* Added UV coating for high durability 
* Added strong magnets on metal end-hook
* Integrated 2, 3 or 4 metal rivets at joint end of end-hook
* High dropping resistance and shock-proof
* Strong metal belt clips and/or smart wrist straps  
* Increases the productivity on the job site  
** : Measuring Instruments Directive (EU) 
The full Measuring tape collection including photo’s, specifications and features can be viewed at : Compact measuring tapes – Toolvizion or check 
how ToolVizion measuring tapes are produced at : Productions – Toolvizion

All ToolVizion measuring tapes & measuring tools are suitable for personal branding and can be supplied directly ‘ex factory’ in China (FOB-delivery) or free delivered (DDP) with one of the ToolVizion’s containers combined with custom clearance and road transport to the client’s warehouse.