New Arrival: PRO Measuring tape series “Newport”

NEW Arrival: TV-Industries Pro measuring tape series “Newport” . 

* Available in the sizes : 5mx25mm, 8mx25mm & 10mx25mm
* Produced according accuracy Class II as in art. 17 of Directive 2014/32/EU
* Additional unique protection blade film on first 120cm
* 40% thicker steel blade than regular blades = 5 times longer life time!
* UV case coating for extra hardness and high durability
* Horizontal & vertical blade graduation graduation on front & backside
* Inside high performance spring retracts the blade slow & safe
* High dropping resistance and using comfort
* Extra long blade stand out of ca. 250cm
* Optimum bright and clear reading
* Can be easily attached to most (working) pants
* Ergonomic compact shape, fits easy in most hands and pockets
* Maximize the productivity at the workplace and job site
* For professional and DIY workers
Check for more photo’s and product information at: 310.930Y – ToolVizion 

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