New Arrival: ToolPack Leather tool gear

NEW Arrival: ToolPack leather tool belts  & holsters 

Check for more information the complete range at: Leather Tool Gear – ToolVizion

ToolPack Leather tool belts & holsters:
* Choose for each job the most suitable tool belt 
* Most essential tools and accessories always organized
* Always all hand tools directly within arm’s reach
* Hands free working and fast access to all accessories
* Distributes weight and pressure
* Perfectly applicable when working at heights
* The belt stays firmly on the worker’s waist
* Simple and fast take on and off 
* Plentiful storage options & Comfortable to wear
* Provides the worker a tough and cool look
* Improves the efficiency during the job
* Protects tools against dust and dirt
* Highly durable and weather resistant
* For professional and DIY workers
* Universal adjustable sizes, One size fits most

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